FZ631 FREEDOM Restoration Update, June 2016

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Great progress has been made with the restoration of the nose section of C-47A Dakota FZ631.

The interior has been cleaned, any sharp objects and old paint removed as required.  A new coat of interior green paint has been applied and with the exterior paint she looks fantastic.  The aircraft now wears the colours she wore with the RAF in the UK during World War 2.  The floor needs to be finished and work is going ahead with crew seating and installation of switch panels etc.

Named “Freedom” she was the personal aircraft to Field Marshall Henry Maitland Wilson.  More information on her history can be found here :- History of C-47A Dakota FZ631

The nose section will be used as a flight simulator and a walk through exhibit, with the major aim in using the simulator as an education aid showing the history not of only this aircraft and her crew but of the aircraft and WW2 as a whole.

The nose in now mounted on a trailer, however we are looking at getting a road worthy trailer in the future to allow us to transport the nose section to schools and events.

The flight simulator components are coming together and by the end of the year we hope to have the simulator in action.


Nose section simNose section good


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