January 4th update

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With the holidays near an end I have had the chance to put together a short video which I hope will bring a smile to some faces. It is a promo for a mini documentary on the transport of the Dakota from Mareeba to Caboolture, which will hopefully be completed by February. I will post it here on the site when it is finished.

The future restoration plans for C-47A 43-48234 are being organised with a condition survey being undertaken. Once this has been completed a maintenance and restoration schedule and plan will be written. Firstly however the aircraft needs a good clean to remove the oxidised paint to reveal what is underneath, which so far looks good.

The wings, fin and control surfaces will be the first to be inspected in the coming weeks. I will be building a wing stands in the next few weeks to enable the wings to be restored.

Preparation and inspection will also be conducted on the out of life engines to see what would be required to ground run these, which will be a great to see.

All in all 2015 is building up to be a busy and exciting year for us at Pacific Dakota Restorations.

We are currently looking for volunteers to get involved in the restoration project. If you are interested in lending you time and getting involved in the project drop me a line through this page and I will get back to you ASAP.



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