Project Update Nov 2016

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Pacific Dakota Restorations Nov 2016

Project Update


Things have been very busy at Pacific Dakota Restorations over the last few months.   Lots of planning and preparation work for when Oklahoma Gal moves under cover in the early part of 2017.

This has included manufacture of wing support stands and trolleys which one is nearly complete, Schedule of Maintenance for our engineering approval and all the forms related to it are nearly completed and ready for issue to CASA.  The Air Operators certificate documentation is ¾ complete with the aim of the both the aircraft and the air operators certificate coming together at the same time.



The paint removal of the fuselage has been halted for the time being as the temperature has increased significantly – 35c / 95f today, however progression has been very good, thanks to the hard work of Mike Kennedy.

The Nose section of FZ631 is also progressing well with the aim of being fitted out with a flight simulator in the early part of next year.  The exterior paint is nearly complete with a few touch-ups required and the interior is just being prepared for a final coat of paint.  Thanks has to go the two Ian’s, Phil and Trevor for this.

The panels are also nearing completion and all the switching works within the simulator which is cool.


A few weeks back we started the removal of both the port and stbd engines during a Wings and Wheels event hosted by the Caboolture Warplane Museum.


This was a lot of fun and I had enjoyed showing lots of visitors around our C-47 and Mustang Flights Australia’s CAC built P51 Mustang.   Highlights were taking 2 children from around the stunning local area of Bribie Island, and giving some children (and adults 🙂 ) the opportunity to walk through the C-47 and sit in the cockpit of the P51 Mustang.  I remember vividly Mark Hanna showing letting me sit in the cockpit of his Corsair at a Shoreham airport years ago which stayed with me and defiantly changed my life.  Its a honour to be able to do this for other people.


Discussing Pacific Dakota Restorations, Compete Aircraft Care & Warbird Academy Australia kept me very busy while Kate, Dani, Phil, Dan, Mike & Colin started the removal of the engines.  Everyone with large smiles on their face and laughter when Kate got DAK’ed with oil.


The engines are now ready to be removed once space presents itself and decisions will be made regarding the future of the engines – cost of shipping to the US for overhaul.



Lots of pictures were taken of the Mustang and C-47 with cars and pin up models.  Our Mike had to bring out his car at the end of the day while we were packing up 🙂


Plans are moving ahead also for education events to be held in 2017 which is exciting and more information will be given when it becomes available.


We are looking at some detail videos going over different areas of the aircraft through their restoration and I hope the first to be ready before Christmas.


Well take care and thank you for your support and interest in the project


David Kingshott


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